Are We Living in a Matrix?

When I first heard billionaire Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors and Space X, was spending millions to research if we were living in a matrix, I thought even smart people can have silly ideas. Elon Musk But the more I thought about it – well, there is scientific proof that some of the concepts required for a matrix to exist are, in fact, real. Let’s take a look.


First the concept that science is science is science has been challenged by world-renown physicist Alan Guth and a number of other renowned scientists. Alan Guth is the founder of Inflation Theory which, to put it simply, is the Big Bang Theory part 2. NASA thought so much of his theory that they launched the COBE probe mission to test the evidence and COBE confirmed his conclusions. Alan Guth You can even do a simple test of the Big Bang Theory/Inflation Theory on your home tv set. Go to a channel number that does not have a broadcast station and you will get a hissing noise and dancing white dots all over the screen. What is happening is that your tv set is receiving microwave interference from the actual Big Bang. Cool.

Big Bang

Why am I going to cosmology? Because, according to Guth (and Einstein) before the Big Bang there was nothing. No time, no space, nothing. How long was it before the Big Bang took place? Zero seconds. Existence didn’t exist prior to the Big Bang. The Big Bang was the beginning of time,space, and even reality. Guth also says, quite obviously, that before the Big Bang there was no science. Science, also, didn’t yet exist. In fact he contends that the laws of science were completely arbitrary and we could just as easily have had totally different laws of science. Considering the possibility of a multiverse with a multitude of difference universes existing side-by-side in sort of “bubbles”, the other universes are likely to have completely different laws of science. And it’s not just Guth, dozens of prominent scientists agree. Point one for the Matrix theory.

A troubling problem for physicists is the inability to come up with a Theory of Everything. Even Einstein was baffled with this. You see, there are two sets of laws of physics – one for subatomic particles and another for larger objects. For example – a molecule of water is subject to gravity and falls to the earth, but hydrogen and oxygen atoms which make up water ignore gravity completely. To take it further, when two oxygen atoms are linked together in an oxygen molecule, gravity applies. Lucky for us – the oxygen in earth’s atmosphere doesn’t just float off into space. But if the oxygen is in separate atoms, gravity doesn’t apply. We have two completely different laws of physics that exist independently. Go figure.


Those who believe in the matrix theory cite numerous accounts of “glitches” in the matrix. They point to two main phenomenon – Disappearing Object Phenomena (DOP) and apport. About DOP: We have all misplaced items now and then, but DOP is where you definitely saw an object in one place and just moments later it was gone without a likely explanation. A google search will show you hundreds of websites and forums with hundreds of people claiming that is exactly what happened to them. In some cases they just turned away and turned back and – poof! In a few very rare cases people have actually claimed seeing an object disappear.

Apport is much more dramatic. It is a phenomenon where an object appears without any logical explanation. Some people have found an object they did not own and wondered where it came from. I can’t find the link, but one well known scientist was off at his mountain cabin and walked into his office to find a raven feather on his keyboard. He was alone in his cabin retreat, he did not own a raven feather, the door and windows were closed, and ravens were not known to be found in the area where his cabin was. When it comes to apport, most of the time people will just shrug it off and think the dog or one of the kids brought it in and think nothing of it, but there are cases where there is no dog, no kids, and no good explanation.


I’ll describe one of my own experiences with DOP and apport. I was at work changing the memory stick in a laptop. I removed the screw securing the memory door and placed it in the middle of a black mouse pad. I did this because it is easy to see a small silver screw on a black mouse pad. When I was finishing up, I looked for the screw and it was gone. I looked under the mouse pad, all over my workbench top, and the floor underneath. I used a magnetic pickup tool to fish around the floor in case I just couldn’t see it, but no luck. It was break time so I stood up and went to the break room to have a cup of coffee and relax a few minutes. When I came back, the screw was sitting in the middle of the mouse pad where I had originally placed it.

My first thought was that someone must be messing around with me. We have security cameras all over the workplace so I went over to the security desk and had the security guard play back the video of the last few minutes at my workbench. There I was, getting up to leave for break, and then later returning. No one else had gone near my workbench. It wasn’t that I didn’t see the screw — it was easy to see against the black mouse pad, and if it had been there it would have fell off when I picked up the mouse pad to look underneath. I have no explanation.

Let’s jump forward to string theory and quantum mechanics. I won’t try to explain those things since it would take many many pages and weeks (or years) of study, but to put it simply, scientists have proven that subatomic particles do, indeed, teleport from one place to another. As a matter of fact, a subatomic particle can even be in two places at the same time. These particles are actually vibrations, and are material but not material at the same time. Everything is made of subatomic particles and so every object is actually, at it’s base, a vibration. No one, however, has proven that objects larger than subatomic particles can teleport. So there you have it.


There is another curious scientific concept called entropy. Entropy is basically a concept of thermodynamic energy, but part of the theory of entropy is that atoms and molecules are disorderly and continue to become more and more randomly disordered and that no scientific principle can, for example, predict where a molecule of water in a cloud of steam will go next. Entropy also applies to cosmic objects like stars and nebula and is used to explain how and why black holes in space exist. Theorists predict that entropy throughout the universe is constantly growing and our universe is becoming more and more disordered.

I went through all these scientific theories to try and show you that our universe is a very disorderly jumbled-up mish-mash of stuff. Science isn’t quite the dictator we think it is, or at least scientists have several areas in which they are just confounded. Many well-known scientific facts just don’t have a scientific explanation to back them up.


So let’s say, just for fun, that Elon Musk is right and our universe is a simulation on a super-duper computer. That would have unintentional religious connotations. Musk himself is an atheist, but if this computer simulation theory is correct, wouldn’t that make the operator of the computer god? Certainly not the biblical god, but an intelligent creator nonetheless. And certainly not a perfect god – the two conflicting laws of physics show that.

And what if we are just computer generated characters? Wouldn’t breaking out of the matrix end us all? Well, if we could hack this super computer, could we give ourselves super powers? Could I make my belly fat disappear? (That would be nice.) Or could Musk make himself Lord and Master of the Universe? That would be not so nice, in my opinion.

Well it certainly is an interesting concept. What do you think?

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