Your Doctor was Wrong



The doctor is always right – except when he’s wrong, and it seems most doctors have been wrong about a lot of things. I’m going to skip the subject of misdiagnoses – that deserves a whole ‘nother post all by itself – and just go over some common things most doctors have been saying.




  We’ve heard this one not only from doctors but tons of tv and radio commercials. The problem with this is — it is completely wrong. Saturated fats are actualy good for you and cholesterol in needed by your body for proper brain and nervous system function. And those anti-cholesterol drugs can cause harm to your body.

  Even Time Magazine has admitted it goofed when it came to fats and cholesterol.

  Switched from butter to margerine? Switch back. Using “healthy” canola oil for cooking? Dump it in the trash and use coconut oil. Drinking skim milk? Go back to whole milk! And that cheese in your cheeseburger is the healthiest part of that junk food! (If it is real, whole milk cheese of course).

The Whole Wheat Controversy   

  This one is so confusing it can make you crazy. There are health organizations that say eat whole wheat and others that say avoid all gluten. Some of the organizations that say to eat whole wheat claim one of its benefits is lowering cholesterol which we now know isn’t really a good thing. Anti-wheat experts say it causes a jump in blood sugar and can trigger worsening of symptoms of autistics and schizophrenics. Still others claim gluten can trigger brain problems such a dizziness and confusion. I’m confused just reading all the articles. I’ll just say for now if you are going to eat a wheat product, avoid cereals and breads and other highly processed forms of wheat. Here’s a couple articles pro and con:

And I would say to clearly avoid “informational” articles from the Wheat Counsel or sponsered by food companies that make most of their income from wheat products.

Antibiotic Abuse

  It’s clear that antibiotic abuse is still at alarming proportions. Not only can overuse of anitbiotics cause dangerous bacteria to become stronger, but because it kills bacteria without knowing which are good and which are bad, it can kill your beneficial gut flora causing indigestion, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and can even harm your overall immune system. Despite calls from medical group to have doctors cut way down on prescriptions of antibiotics, over-prescription is still a big problem. Sadly, it is still legal in the US to give livestock antibiotics which will wind up in meats at the grocery store and restaurants. Here’s some words of caution from the Mayo Clinic:

Dietary Supplements

This is another minefield. It’s obvious that fast foods and packaged (processed) foods don’t have the nutritional value of fresh organic foods, and you are going to be missing out on key vitamins to insure health. Over 80% of people are deficient in vitamin D and over 3 million individuals are being treated by doctors for vitamin D deficiency. But there are vitamins and then there are vitamins. Some popular multivitamins were found to have dangerous chemicals added to improve shelf life. Others vitamins were shown to not actually contain any vitamin material at all. Some supplements are very healthy like garlic and oregano oil, and others such as calcium can be dangerous if taken in high doses. It’s another case where you have to do your own homework. And you have to shop for the right doctor. While some doctor believe vitamins can help insure health, other doctors say not to take any at all. (Really?) Here’s an open-minded link:

The subject of doctor and medical society errors is just too vast to cover in one article, so I will be covering it more later. For now it’s time to see what you think.




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